Head and Pelvis

There are a lot of hidden gems in this very simple idea of lying on your back with standing legs and lifting your pelvis…give it a try and see if your back doesn’t get much longer and easier, your arms lighter and more free, your breathing deeper. Go easy to find those gems!

Based on London Transcript, Lesson 18: http://feldynotebook.com/Head+and+pelvis+LT18.

Edges of the Feet

We can go our whole lives without realizing there’s some subtle movement of the ankle or use of the sole of our feet that has become a blind spot to us, unavailable. Then we buy orthotics or fuss about the right shoe to push our feet around in certain ways. Try improving your ability with your feet!

Sneak preview: we’ve working on the ankle-neck relationship this week and next.

Introduction to the bridge

In this lesson, you’ll explore the elements of your own personal bridge (the series of “arches” rising from the floor and the parts of you that rest on the floor, providing support for the arches), and start to play with your arches….raise the bridge, lower it, raise some part and lower others….developing a more supple spine and clearer perception of transmission of forces in gravity, with special bonus organization of the hips and shoulders!