Lengthening the hamstrings

What does this have to do with lengthening the hamstrings? Holding your feet and rolling from side to side?

This lesson is a good example of how, in Feldenkrais, we tie some localized “function” to which our culture has attached a great deal of importance (everyone’s hamstrings are “too tight”!) to a broader functional movement that is an echo of something in the developmental process of the first few years.

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  1. This is superb. I have a large number of ATM recordings,, some of which I find helpful, others less so. Considering they each take almost an hour to do, it can be difficult weeding out the good from the less good. By ‘good’ I mean those that seem most appropriate for me at the time. I have particular issues with my hip, groin and pelvic area, and some old tapes I have by Ruthy Alon, particularly ‘Bridge’ and ‘Rolling sideways’ , address this exquisitely well. ‘Lengthening the hamstrings’ is in the same class. I am very grateful to have been able to download it freely. The audio quality is occasionally faint, but that’s a minor quibble. I only wish I had the discipline to do. It every day!

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