Turning the head around its circumference and in the center

Well, this is a weird idea of what to do with your head. You’ll glide around the room with a long neck and everything below will feel very well-oiled, as long as you don’t try too hard.

For those following sources at home, this is mostly AY 6, though you’ll see some ideas that aren’t in the AY lesson as I was responding to where people were at in the room.

Tilting the ear to the shoulder

The last two classes (On the side, the sternum becoming flexible and On the Side, Bending and twisting the chest and spine) had everyone in class talking about our lack of clarity in side-bending. First, what it is when simply standing or lying flat on the floor, to maintain the face in the same plane in sidebending. Then, second, what it means in the twisted configurations of those lessons. This lesson was a chance to explore a detail that was fascinating to the group.