Six-Week Series: Fundamentals (January 2011)

The votes are in…classes in January have migrated back more or less to the original Yoga Loft time and place, 7-8 pm on Wednesdays, at the “Happiness Centre,” aka the main floor of 5663 Cornwallis Street (just off the Commons).

The first series (January 5 – February 9) will be a very fundamental series exploring diagonal relationships and spirals across several axes….and there will be new twists for those of you who have been attending for a while. (I have a new set of transcripts from Moshe’s teaching to the public in 1976. Each familiar lesson has some fundamental details altered or clarified–those differences that make the difference.)

Cost: $40*

Some are complaining that this is too cheap–you’re welcome to give me more! You’ve all been so dedicated over the years, and now that I’m setting the parameters, I can express my appreciation for the investments so many of you have made in the past. And the high value that I personally place on accessibility for a practice that can be so valuable for people.

Reserve your spot by getting your payment to me when you see me, or by using paypal–or email me for my street address.

The PayPal purchase button is at

Drop-in may be possible. Stay tuned.

And when you come, remember you can enjoy a burrito and ice cream at Dee Dee’s across the street before class!

*No reimbursement for missed classes, except in cases where that’s unreasonable. (Say you break your leg after two weeks. Then you can come to the next series for free, or you can give it to a friend. That kind of thing. Say over the six weeks you miss a couple of classes because of this and that. No reimbursement for that–but classes are so cheap you probably won’t mind. That’s the idea.)

The Foot and its Movements in Space

Factoid verification, after the lesson. There’s actually 26 bones in each foot….making one quarter of the bones in the human body, but nowhere near 66! And here’s your sensory and motor homunculus images to contemplate. You feel more in your feet than you control, a feature shared in a more extreme form by teeth, gums, and genitals, which don’t appear on the motor homunculus. And you comparative control some parts in greater detail that you actually sense in less detail. (Click the image to see.)

ATM Classes in January

Hello everyone,

I’m looking ahead to the new year–and a new paradigm for Feldenkrais classes.

I’m planning to do a six-week block of Feldenkrais for a small group of committed students (a nice change after years of the drop-in paradigm!). Then we’ll take a few weeks off, and then the next series…and so on.

We’ll be able to get deeper into a progressively developing theme, more tailored to you, the core group.

At this point, I need to hear from you when you would commit for the class. Please go to the doodle poll at this link:

[doodle poll now closed]

Choose the time you’d be willing to commit to a six-week class. (If you are uncertain whether you would register, select the yellow instead of the green and leave me a note to that effect.)

Depending on numbers, we’ll either be in a private home, or in the main floor space at the old Yoga Loft building. Cost will be $40 for six weeks–a bargain class, but no credit for missed classes.

I hope you’ll be able to join in!