Tilting pelvis sitting: another recording

As we start the last 6-week series before my sabbatical, I am in the mood for coming back to the basics–with the fresh eyes I’ve developed and you’ve all developed from doing more Feldenkrais. And from living.

The title of this lesson talks about tilting the pelvis. There’s never one answer to the question “what is this movement?” but there’s a lot to be said for this as an exploration of the idea of how your back relates to your knees. And the surprising places that can take you.

Tilting Pelvis Sitting

First class back on Cornwallis Street, and a classic, though perhaps challenging, introductory lesson. Refining control of the pelvis from the core, and relating this to some fun activities you may not have enjoyed since back before your memory starts…

I hope you can all enjoy the boost to my recording volume and clarity brought on by using the iPhone plus HT Recorder!