Extensors with a twist

Probably the most neglected function in modern life is extension–lifting the head to look up, reaching up to touch something overhead. We live in an environment carefully designed to obviate the need ever to do this. And every day we forget more and more what geniuses we were to be able to use our spines to lift a huge head with a tiny weak body.

This is a snow-day lesson posted slightly out of order! It’s based on Esalen 2:  http://feldynotebook.com/lifting-head-legs-arms

From clarifying the hips to turning and lifting the head

This lesson continues from the previous week (for which the recording unfortunately failed–you can find an outline at this page on Feldy Notebook).

We’re clarifying the hip joints and finding the magic path of the head in space for a effortless turning, extension and lifting of the head, somewhere in between side-lying and face down, and somewhere in between side-lying and face up.