September-October 2013 Series

I’m still thinking about knees, though you may or may not notice it when you do these lessons.

I’m thinking about knees, and Theo Jansen’s strandbeest:

Compilation from Strandbeest on Vimeo.

  1. Somewhere in your back… (AY 434: Twisting and opposing gently)
  2. Frog’s Legs (AY 117)
  3. Recording malfunction! But you can do a similar lesson here: Hip and shoulder circles
  4. Turning the head around its circumference and in the center (AY 6)
  5. Getting to know the hip joints (AY 241)
  6. Sidelying, sliding hands and knees at different angles (no particular source)


Somewhere in your back…

The first lesson of our new Sept – Oct 2013 series: a gentle twisting movement on your side.

Some of my comments suggest that you might do the second side (as you go from side to side) in your imagination. This is always a good option when you can’t follow the instructions without pain. It’s also a really useful technique whatever your ability to move comfortably.

This is AY 434, for those keeping track at home.

Three minutes before the end of the lesson, I realize that my earring is hitting my microphone, and remove it. Oops.