Workshop: Breath, posture, and voice

Sunday, May 9, 2010, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

In this pair of Feldenkrais lessons, we will examine the subtle relationship of how we use the vocal tract and diaphragm, to find freedom and support through the neck, spine, and hips. In turn, finding the support of your skeleton—the essence of “good posture”—will transform your breathing and voice.

Integrating life and action

A Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement workshop, Sunday March 7 2010, 1 – 3 pm.

At any moment, we act intentionally, and at the same time are supported by the “vegetative” processes, such as breathing, digesting, circulating blood. The autonomic and the intentional are integrated in action—the more sensitively these processes co-exist and support one another, the more vital, calm, and energetic we can be. In this pair of Feldenkrais lessons, we’ll explore the integration of breath and action, and the integration of rhythmic action of the sphincter muscles with intentional movement of the whole body.

  1. Integrating breathing and action
  2. Sphincters

On the right side, head and knee under the frame of the left arm

When we fold forwards (flex) we think of this as shortening. But every shortening involves lengthening. You can lie on your back and take your knee and elbow towards one another–and that involves a certain level of challenge in lifting lefts and head. This lesson takes a familiar idea and does it in a different Vary the lesson: orientation, manipulation, timing orientation — sidelying — and in this very low-effort environment, more refinement is possible.

This is the second lesson in the April 2010 month of lengthening lessons.

Lengthening Heels and Arms

The theme this month is “Finding Length.” Here’s a suggestion for working with this lesson. You might do it first in a very casual way where you pay attention only to getting comfortable with lying on your side with your legs in the positions described. Don’t make too much effort with the arm/chest/chin directions on your first go through. Come back a day or two later, and do it again (fog horn comments and all), and now that you’re not so much occupied with your balance on your side and your leg arrangement, you can play with the lengthening movements and the arms/chest/chin in a lighter and more refined way.