Lengthening and turning arms by the fingers

To finish this month of fingers-to-spine lessons, we explore the connection between lengthening and turning along the axis of the arm–as though a gentle pull and twist from the fingers could draw across your spine and move your whole pelvis around your opposite hip joint. We also played with distributing intention.

Sample rate repaired, March 2013

Fingers to spine – October 2009

Fine motor control in the fingers and freedom in the neck and shoulders go hand in hand (so to speak). Find the connections in this month’s series of Feldenkrais lessons exploring freedom of the clavicle and shoulder blades in relation to the chest and spine, and the transmission of subtle forces from the core to the fingertips and back again.

This series will be especially useful for musicians, people using the computer keyboard, and anyone working with their hands.

  1. Clock Hands
  2. The second lesson of the month — the recording didn’t work
  3. Fingers Backward
  4. Lengthening and turning arms by the fingers