ATM Classes in January

Hello everyone,

I’m looking ahead to the new year–and a new paradigm for Feldenkrais classes.

I’m planning to do a six-week block of Feldenkrais for a small group of committed students (a nice change after years of the drop-in paradigm!). Then we’ll take a few weeks off, and then the next series…and so on.

We’ll be able to get deeper into a progressively developing theme, more tailored to you, the core group.

At this point, I need to hear from you when you would commit for the class. Please go to the doodle poll at this link:

[doodle poll now closed]

Choose the time you’d be willing to commit to a six-week class. (If you are uncertain whether you would register, select the yellow instead of the green and leave me a note to that effect.)

Depending on numbers, we’ll either be in a private home, or in the main floor space at the old Yoga Loft building. Cost will be $40 for six weeks–a bargain class, but no credit for missed classes.

I hope you’ll be able to join in!


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