Workshops – Spring 2009

In these mini-workshops, you can try out the Feldenkrais Method (or, if you already do Feldenkrais, get a deeper experience of a theme)–and move into your weekend feeling relaxed, focused, and renewed. All workshops are at the Yoga Loft, Suite 301, 5663 Cornwallis St. (off the Commons–see Google maps. Call 429-3330 to register ($30/workshop).

From fingertip to fingertip – connecting across the shoulders

Saturday, **Jan 31** (change of date) 2009, 10.30-12.30
Does the pinky on your right hand know what the thumb on your left hand is doing? This pair of Feldenkrais lessons will show you how much better your neck and shoulders feel when they connect (instead of isolating) the fine movements of your fingers.

Improving your cross-legged sitting

Saturday, Mar 7 2009, 10.30-12.30
Do your “tight hips” keep you from sitting cross-legged with ease? What might your feet – and your spine – be able to do to help you with this common function? This pair of Feldenkrais lessons will leave you breathing easier when you sit on the floor.

Crawling onto land

Saturday, Apr 4 2009, 10.30-12.30
Relive your skeleton’s evolutionary history with a pair of Feldenkrais lessons that explore ancient patterns of locomotion. Swim like a fish! Crawl like a lizard! And awaken fundamental patterns of movement relevant to the more mundane, human ways of getting around.

From the floor to standing and back again

Saturday, May 9 2009, 10.30-12.30
Does the floor seem a long way away? Does it cost you effort to get down to it and back up again? This simple pair of Feldenkrais lessons will help you find the path with surprising ease.