November-December 2011 Class: Turning on a Dime

Can you turn on a dime?

The kind of flexibility we learn in Feldenkrais isn’t so much about how wide you can open a joint or how far you can twist your spine. It’s more about how readily you can respond to your environment (inner and outer), and change course.

In this six-week series, we’ll refine our control around the central axis, manage and coordinate the masses of the pelvis and head, get a few nice twists in, kick out our heels (subtly), and learn how to turn on a dime.

  1. Turning heels out
  2. Turning heels and head
  3. Recording failed. Sorry! An outline of the lesson is on Feldy Notebook at this page
  4. From clarifying the hip to turning and lifting the head
  5. Twisting the Pelvis with a Long Arm
  6. Turning on a side axis

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