5 Replies to “Head passing under the frame of the arm”

  1. Sorry, but not sure if once these repairs are done whether they’re different and should I download them and delete the earlier version?

    1. If the lesson you downloaded earlier works for you, you don’t need to do anything. Several were in the wrong bitrate, and the streaming player (just pressing the play button instead of downloading) wouldn’t have worked. It may have sounded like chipmunks. But if you downloaded the file and played it, your audio software could probably handle it fine. Some lessons have been missing their files, so there were some postings that looked like lessons, but without an actual audio file attached.

  2. This is somewhat based on AY 132. AY 132 and 133 are “Head under a frame.” I was doing different things with the direction of the arm based on what was happening in the room, so it’s not a straight 132.

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