Feldenkrais News – July 2010

Two news items from Halifax–

1) I’ve got a workshop this weekend at the Yoga Loft, 1:30-3:30 on Sunday (July 11). The theme is “sitting cross-legged” — in this pair of Feldenkrais lessons, you will find some surprising connections through your spine and shoulders that enable your pelvis and legs to rest more comfortably in cross-legged sitting. Registration in advance is required. Contact the Yoga Loft at 429-3330 to register, preferably by tomorrow! (Thursday before the workshop.)

2) An era is coming to a end. I’m sad to say that The Yoga Loft is closing at the end of July. It’s been a wonderful space to teach for the last 5+ years, with great energy and a supportive community. I’d like to thank Robert Webber for his years of hosting the Wednesday evening Feldenkrais class in its various configurations, and wish him the best in his next (ad)ventures. I’m teaching tonight and the last Wednesday night of July, and Ron the two in between. We’d love to see you there (7:15-8:15).

Ron and I are taking August off, and working on options for the fall. We’ll let you know.


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