Oscillations “Jello Pudding”

This lesson is a further exploration of the ideas we started with Skewering the spine in the chest.

I almost don’t want to post it–I made several mistakes in teaching it. I’ll list them here, and you can adapt around as well as possible while listening to a recording!

1) I talk about the flexing and extending of your right ankle “shifting your whole right side.” This is the wrong image. It’s still a lesson of “skewering the spine”, but from one foot. (It gives quite a different idea to think of shifting one side up, rather than thinking of shifting the whole torso, the spine–but just from the one foot.)

2) When you have your arm overhead, you should spend some time continuing the movement, and looking towards your hand as you push up from your heel so that your knuckles advance on the floor.

3) When you’re face down, also do the movement with your arm long overhead, so that the push from your toes advances your arm–and look up towards your hand as you lengthen it.

The latter two points will start to connect in some relationship to turning your head, which should help set the stage for the upcoming step of taking your head under the bridge.

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