November Feldenkrais workshop and themes

Coming up this Saturday (November 8) 1-3 pm at the Yoga Loft–a pair of Feldenkrais lessons exploring the embodiment of emotions. No need to share your stories, regress, or let out a primal scream–this is purely an exploration of the somatic experience of carrying emotions or neutrality in the face, and of the whole-body action patterns that primates might use to get friendly, or express hostility. (Okay, maybe there will be a little sound production involved.) for more info; call the Yoga Loft at 429-3330 (and/or let me know) to register.

Ron’s on to teaching knees this month as November’s theme! Next month (December) I’m back with filling in the gaps along the spine, and sensing the spine in 360 degrees.

I’ve managed to get three of the four September finger-to-spine ATMs recorded and posted on the web at


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