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  1. The lessons in this series were adapted from various AY, with the idea of getting at some ideas about the use of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip, without using the kneeling position that these lessons often use as a starting point for clarifying weight bearing between the big and second toes.

    For the first lesson in the series, instead of kneeling and bending the toes under, we work with the pelvic clock while bearing weight on the heel or the ball of the foot.

    For the second lesson in the series, somewhat based on AY 251, we get at the relative movements of the metatarsals of the big and second toes related to the heel and shifting weight left and right, while using a position against the wall as a kind of proxy for kneeling.

    The third and (forthcoming) fourth lessons are just tastes of two separate series in AY, the “Lying on the feet” series (AY 183-5) and the “heels under the pelvis” series (190 and on), related to the “Japanese sitting” and “Russian Dancer” ideas.

    I’d welcome anyone’s thoughts about how these adaptations work!

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