learn one CMS; use one CMS

I discovered open source content management systems a year and a half ago when the IFF needed something along those lines. I put Kinesophics into the first one I learned, phpwcms, a fine system.

The IFF, however, needed something more flexible, and I entered a year and more of challenge with drupal. Even with some pro help, it was a lot of learning. If only Lullabot had started those podcasts a year earlier!

Once you’re dealing with one system, best to stick with it. They all have quirks; they all need upgrades for security reasons. I just spent a couple of days putting kinesophics into drupal.

Smooth sailing indeed compared to my first go round.

I’m not just re-doing the technical basis; I’m rethinking the organization of the content and the conceptualization of my teaching and research in Feldenkrais. The “blog” expands; I separate out now “classes & events” from “learn more,” which gathers together resources for anyone wanting to explore Feldenkrais further.

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  1. This site is on drupal? Earlier this year, I played around with Drupal, Moogle and various other CMS’s. I liked the idea, but eventually stuck with improving my html and css skils so that I could – eventually – just create whatever site I wanted (not a choice for everyone). I’ve recently found a bunch of sites where developers give their templates away and that has helped.
    Check out: http://www.oswd.org/

    cheers – Ryan

    1. I don’t recommend using a CMS just for a personal site! Though I do recommend that if someone sets up a site for you they should use one, so you can update your site yourself.

      For years I did my site directly in html. A very silly source of help in doing that was this kids’ site, Lissa Explains. Choose “html help.” (Obviously you don’t need this, Ryan; this is help for other practitioners building their own site.) W3 Schools is my reference source.

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