Feldenkrais in April/May

Hi everyone!

As we segue into that wet, grey season that replaces spring in Nova Scotia, here’s a chance for you to try a series of Feldenkrais classes.

I’ve got a 4-week series, Wednesday evenings, 7:30-8:30 pm, at 5663 Cornwallis (now called the Nexus Centre), from April 20 to May 11. You can email me to reserve a spot, or pay via the paypal link here: . The room cost has increased exponentially since January, so it’s now $40/4 week series.

Meanwhile, recent classes, with a couple of exceptions, are posted here: http://kinesophics.ca/category/podcast. Check out the new recording quality. I’ve been a bit verbose on the blog since the new year, asking why we start lessons on one side or the other, where the science is at about the perennial question (to judge from my google hits) of which leg is dominant, and whether/to what extent Moshe was a behaviourist. Check this out at: http://kinesophics.ca/category/blog/

And happy spring slogging!


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