Falling from your side

You might think you’re safe from falling over when you’re already lying on the ground. But let’s see if we can’t find a little wiggle room for a few safe tumbles in that concept.

For all Haligonians and honorary Haligonians everywhere who are slipping and sliding in the ice and snow!


2 Replies to “Falling from your side”

  1. Thank you for these “consciousness in the body” lessons. On this one “Falling from
    your Side” I experienced what seemed like balancing the brain and
    pelvis by stitching the controlled falling from side to side and the
    arc of the knees like a coordinated dance of the nervous system.
    The quality of the awareness you invited generated trust in the systemic
    ability to return to balance.
    I often find myself recommending your site to massage clients. I expect they will
    benefit from your remarkable ability to cultivate curiosity and exploration
    how we experience ourselves directly.

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