Active sitting – February 2010

In a reversal of millennia of evolutionary development, human beings now spend most of their work (and leisure) time sitting. This “intensive passivity” is a kind of marathon in terms of the demands it places on us—but we don’t see it that way. Sitting seems obvious, the easiest and laziest thing to do. In this month of classes we’ll find the resources in our feet, pelvis, and spine to sit truly effortlessly, while maintaining our freedom to act from the core. This month’s series of Feldenkrais lessons will be especially helpful for anyone who spends work or leisure time at a desk or computer, for those who sit to meditate, and for musicians who play or sing in sitting.

This series may also be a good follow-up to the January Yoga Help series on working at your desk.

You can attend the full month of classes on the theme for the full experience, or drop in as your schedule permits. Contact the Yoga Loft at 429-3330 for info and registration.