Tilting pelvis sitting: another recording

As we start the last 6-week series before my sabbatical, I am in the mood for coming back to the basics–with the fresh eyes I’ve developed and you’ve all developed from doing more Feldenkrais. And from living.

The title of this lesson talks about tilting the pelvis. There’s never one answer to the question “what is this movement?” but there’s a lot to be said for this as an exploration of the idea of how your back relates to your knees. And the surprising places that can take you.

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  1. i find your directions and delivery so helpful. I would love to take a workshop with you sometime…this ATM demonstrated to the class how
    an apparently impossible action becomes most possible with less ‘willpower’. we did it twice (repeated a week apart) and they really got it the second time. I do a weekly class at the YMCA here.

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