Fingers to spine – October 2009

Fine motor control in the fingers and freedom in the neck and shoulders go hand in hand (so to speak). Find the connections in this month’s series of Feldenkrais lessons exploring freedom of the clavicle and shoulder blades in relation to the chest and spine, and the transmission of subtle forces from the core to the fingertips and back again.

This series will be especially useful for musicians, people using the computer keyboard, and anyone working with their hands.

  1. Clock Hands
  2. The second lesson of the month — the recording didn’t work
  3. Fingers Backward
  4. Lengthening and turning arms by the fingers

Fingers Backward

This third lesson in the fingers-to-spine series continues to play with the independence of each finger (second lesson–but the recording didn’t work)–in relation now to extension, across the shoulders. This is a rare lesson: we do “both sides at once” from about a third of the way in.

March 2013: Updated file to right sample size.

October 09 news–new class series, and recordings on-line!

Hello everyone,

The big news at is that I’ve started recording lessons again. You can find the two lessons we did in the “Agile Awareness” workshop at the top of the page here:

The big news in Halifax is that October’s theme–fingertips to spine–starts tonight at the Yoga Loft. I will teach a series of four brand new lessons over the month, for those of you who have been coming a long time–but perfectly accessible ones, for those of you who are new. We start tonight with developing the skeletal path from the fingertips to the spine, and then continue with a more neurological take on the differentiation of the fingers and freedom in the core.

For directions and info, visit

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