October 09 news–new class series, and recordings on-line!

Hello everyone,

The big news at kinesophics.ca is that I’ve started recording lessons again. You can find the two lessons we did in the “Agile Awareness” workshop at the top of the page here: http://kinesophics.ca/category/podcast

The big news in Halifax is that October’s theme–fingertips to spine–starts tonight at the Yoga Loft. I will teach a series of four brand new lessons over the month, for those of you who have been coming a long time–but perfectly accessible ones, for those of you who are new. We start tonight with developing the skeletal path from the fingertips to the spine, and then continue with a more neurological take on the differentiation of the fingers and freedom in the core.

For directions and info, visit http://kinesophics.ca/feldenkrais_halifax/wednesday_evening_atm_class.

And as for why my content management system has given you the links twice–I can only say drupal works in mysterious ways. Apologies.


2 Replies to “October 09 news–new class series, and recordings on-line!”

  1. In July I downloaded all your lessona. I don’t make a daily routine of them, but do at least one, sometimes two, as often as I can. In the last few months I’ve done all at least twice, and have noticed a difference in how I move.

    I’m so pleased you’re starting another series of exercises. I look forward to trying them.


  2. Hi Dave!

    I have to set up my comment notification function properly! I didn’t see yours here until now. I’ll be recording again in a week and a half or so…stay tuned. I’m glad you’re enjoying the lessons.


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