Smart feet—happy hips – June 2010

Subtle differentiation of the toes and arches of the feet send new messages of freedom to the hips—and finer control of the hips and pelvis wake up the natural capacity of your feet to respond intelligently to the ground. Through this month’s series of Feldenkrais lessons addressing the hips and feet, you’ll find yourself feeling more grounded and supported by your legs—and your hips (and everything above) will thank you for it.

This series may be a good complement to the June Yoga Help series on working on SI joint and hip pain.

You can attend the full month of classes on the theme for the full experience, or drop in as your schedule permits. Contact the Yoga Loft at 429-3330 for info and registration.

May Feldenkrais in Halifax–and on-line

Hello everyone,

On Sunday, May 9 I’ll be repeating the theme Breath, Posture, and Voice in a two-hour mini-workshop at the Yoga Loft, 1:30 – 3:30 pm. Phone 429-3330 to register before the end of the week preceding. It’s a theme we’ve done before, but the lessons will be all new.

In this pair of Feldenkrais lessons, we will examine the subtle relationship of how we use the vocal tract and diaphragm, to find freedom and support through the neck, spine, and hips. In turn, finding the support of your skeleton—the essence of “good posture”—will transform your breathing and voice.

And in the on-line Feldenkrais world, Falk Feddersen’s Open ATM project has a new home and new content at It seems Falk himself is progressing through his own training and is now posting. Scroll down the page to Falk Feddersen PhD and click to open the list of his recordings.