Wednesday Evening ATM Class

Special Note: After 5+ years of happy times at the Yoga Loft, the space is closing at the end of July 2010. This is your last month to join us in the current space. There will be no classes in August, and you can watch this space (or subscribe to the newsletter–Feldenkrais in Halifax in the right sidebar) to find out about classes for the fall.

I teach an Awareness Through Movement class together with Ron Renz Wednesday evenings, 7:15 – 8:15 p.m., at the Yoga Loft, Suite 301, 5663 Cornwallis St. (off the Commons–see Google maps). Ron and I alternate months teaching, and there is a theme for each month of classes. Check here to see what’s coming up.

You can join any time! Feldenkrais is cumulative but not linear: you don’t need to do lessons in a certain order, though the lessons do feed into and develop from one another.

Drop in and punch cards are available. Call the Yoga Loft at 429-3330 for more information about costs.

You can dress in ordinary, comfortable clothing, and you may like to bring a blanket or mat. There are some available at the studio if you prefer not to bring your own.