Edges of the Feet

We can go our whole lives without realizing there’s some subtle movement of the ankle or use of the sole of our feet that has become a blind spot to us, unavailable. Then we buy orthotics or fuss about the right shoe to push our feet around in certain ways. Try improving your ability with your feet!

Sneak preview: we’ve working on the ankle-neck relationship this week and next.

The Foot and its Movements in Space

Factoid verification, after the lesson. There’s actually 26 bones in each foot….making one quarter of the bones in the human body, but nowhere near 66! And here’s your sensory and motor homunculus images to contemplate. You feel more in your feet than you control, a feature shared in a more extreme form by teeth, gums, and genitals, which don’t appear on the motor homunculus. And you comparative control some parts in greater detail that you actually sense in less detail. (Click the image to see.)