Scissor legs

Two weeks earlier, we did a lesson (not recorded, but similar to Amherst, Year 2, Tape #31) that involved rolling a full 360 degrees on the floor. I noticed that there was much less agility in the phase of the rolling that was face down–and in that lesson, we spent less time on that aspect. So here’s a lesson a couple of weeks later to spend some time developing that agility face down. It also introduces a different trajectory to go from lying to sitting…but for some reason my voice recorder has decided to stop after 43 minutes. So this lesson is incomplete.

Where would you take the elements given so far in the lesson? How would you put them together into a movement that starts lying face down and ends sitting up, legs long, facing the other direction (i.e. your feet stay pointing the same way, more or less, but you sit facing your feet at the end)?

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