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  1. Thank you so much for the comfort you’ve brought me. I’ve shared your work with many people and hope you’ll be back with more in the future. Here’s to rolling…

  2. Lynette, Too bad you are no longer posting new ATMs and comments to your site. I just discovered you today and look forward to making my way pleasurably through all this delicious material. Thank you for all of this! Ginger Beringer

  3. Amazing lesson. I love lessons that are not back-lying or side-lying. This particular lesson allowed me to explore this wonderful dynamic relationship with gravity, that by changing my mass distribution through positioning my limbs differently, gravity will gently move me around, if I allow it to do so. Great to explore the asymmetry of my two sides in this configuration. Left was immediately much easier than right, and observing how I did the left helped improve much the right. Great joy to roll! I smiled and happily rolled from side to side. It was a long time since I had such fun with an ATM.

    A possible tip: when you are rolling to the side (say left) and come up to sit, don’t expect that you will sit with the original orientation of your head towards “down”. I had this expectation and this prevented me from allowing free movement. What happened when I allowed the right leg to lead my movement was that I sat up easily with my face and torso facing left. Of course this is my version of how I implemented it. I’ll keep exploring for more ways!

    Thank you very much Lynette.

  4. Thank you for your recordings. Often more helpfull than “professionel” recordings. I learned a lot. Hope you put on more AY lessons.

  5. classic Feldenkrais lesson that I have done a few times with a different teachers. Lynette’s version is very good, clear instructions and good pace. Thank you.

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