Repeating a one-sided lesson on the other side

Now that you’ve done the lesson that was recorded for just one side, and before too much time passes, teach yourself the lesson on the other side. It may help to think over some questions before you begin.

  • Can you recall any landmarks of the lesson to guide yourself by?
  • We started, returned during the lesson, and ended with a process of scanning. What did we do in those scans?
  • What was the first movement? Did we return to it as a “reference” to check out how it evolved?
  • Was there an order of movements–doing parts and putting them togther as wholes? Doing the same thing (undifferentiated movement) and then doing opposites? Moving with and from one part of ourselves and then moving with and from another?
  • What were some of the processes of spreading awareness and participation in the movement that you experienced?

It is not your goal to answer these questions as though you were taking an exam. Reflect on them and see what comes to mind; if nothing in particular does, then don’t worry about it. Just lie down on the other side and lead yourself through what you remember.

When you’re doing the second side, proceed as though you might discover something new. You probably will! The movement is familiar, and new at the same time. The second side might well go by more quickly than the first, however.

I invite you to post below your comments on the experience. Was it easy to take yourself through the lesson? What was more challenging to do for yourself? Did you forget some of the movements? Forget the sequence? Cut short on the rests?