Extending arms and knees

What could he be thinking? How did anyone ever come up with the idea that you could lie on your side, top knee in front on the floor, turn your face and shoulders towards the ceiling, and tap your shoulder blades on the ground? It feels impossible – in an entirely unique way for each shoulder!

How about if you stop the recording whenever you find yourself pushing for the achievement, and invent a variation or exploration that’s easier than what you’re doing now? Each of these explorations can be a whole lesson in itself. And then when you come back to the recorded lesson, all sorts of surprising possibilities may emerge.

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  1. So how to make it easier?

    One idea: make the twist less extreme–put both knees together and bent in side-lying instead of one on top of the other.

    Another direction: you can always start backwards and from the other end. Instead of lying on the side, and taking the top shoulder back to the floor, trying lying on the back and taking the knees to the side. The twist is even less extreme, because your top knee is behind the bottom (instead of in front or on top of). Take your time getting there: tilt one knee, tilt the other, tilt both. Then when you can lie comfortably with both tilted to the side, lift your hands to the ceiling and start tapping with the shoulder blades.

    Other ideas and discoveries?

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