Taking the foot through the ring of the arms

Things got a little crazy on Charles Street on Wednesday. Make a circle with your arms, hands interlaced, and now try to lace your legs through this. We didn’t quite get to the point of skipping rope with our own bodies as the skipping-rope. Maybe we’ll do that next week.

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    1. Did this a week or two ago, but wanted to get back to mention a concrete way this ATM improved my functioning. Although at the time I too thought the “function” being learned seemed a bit funny, the next day I did nearly the same thing in a real situation before I realized it – and then chose a better option . . . ever try to bend down and put a shoe or slipper with both hands while standing balanced on the other foot? It’s pretty close! But there are (at least) two ways to do so . . .

      My habit has always been to hold the left foot to the side, holding the “tongue” with the right hand, inserting the foot, then using the left hand to push it on from behind the heel. But on the other side, presumably because of the different use of my two sides, I’ve always lifted my right knee straight upwards in front of the chest while attempting the same maneuver. “Attempting” is often the correct verb since sometimes I lose my balance more than once before succeeding in getting on the shoe. Either way, I use tons of effort, can’t really see what I’m doing, shorten the neck and probably hold my breath and a bunch of other nasty stuff. I have done this for literally years as I run out the door to work.

      No more! After this ATM, for the first time it occurred to me that I could simply reverse the more pleasant movement on the other side. I quickly discovered that it wasn’t that hard at all – just non-habitual!

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