9 Replies to “Rolling to Sit, Part 1”

  1. Haven’t done any ATM’s for over a month. Relief to lie on the floor and acess that familiar space of release and potential. I’m always amazed that I could have put off doing this for so long. I’ve been teaching myself for a long time so it’s marvellous to lie there and be guided through the lesson.
    As usual I become aware of the rather rigid connections between shoulder girdle, neck and chest. It’s the release of the chest from shoulders and neck especially that makes the difference. The ability to release it down behind me onto the floor. And to feel the breastbone begin to move. Normally I carry it around like a shield – sticking it out in front of me in order to protect myself from everyday life. Old patterns. The – once again! – body realisation that the chest must release and sink in order for the connection between head and pelvis to open up.
    Walking in the street I remind myself of the natural rib swing that can take place when I am not trying to hold on

    Laurance Rudic

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