Pelvis and Neck

When I played during the week with the first rolling to sit ATM we did recently, I spent some time on a particular moment in the movement that’s always felt stuck for me. And I uncovered something about how I could “unstick” that moment in the movement by varying what I was doing with my pelvis (and therefore my whole spine).

So this recording is a demonstration of how you can take one element of a lesson that piques your interest and turn it into a whole process to discover something new. This discovery also will relate to the 2nd rolling lesson we’ll do.

Class in Halifax was small this week and very personalized–there’s more background conversation that you might only half-catch, but that’s fine; just listen for the instructions as usual.

There’s also a spell in the middle of the lesson on the “shoulders” that was not part of my plan–it just arose out of working with the student there. You might or might not be able to imagine or experiment with this idea of “a movement of the shoulders” that was parasitic to rolling the pelvis, but I’ve left it in the tape as it introduces important ideas about “parasitic movements” and how you can work with them. If you aren’t doing anything “parasitic” with your shoulders, maybe you are with your back or your jaw. Then you can take your own “parasitic movement” through the process you hear us go through on the recording, a process of beginning to break the hold of habit and introduce options.

(It was a very windy morning; that’s not traffic but the trees you hear, and hear us commenting on!)

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  1. Thanks for this one. It is so much nicer to do a recording of an actual class rather than a lesson which is recorded alone by the teacher I think. Things are much more spontaneous and alive. There seem certain universal happenings in a feldenkrais lesson like Police/ambulance sirens and the teacher asking if people want the central heating on.

    This was a very difficult lesson for me. That can be good I think because there is a lot of scope for improvement. Funny thing is I did it about a day ago and I can’t really remember any of it. Yet the other 2 lessons I have done which I could do fairly easily i can remember the movements really well. I will go back to it and do it again sometime. It is good to find something new and original because i have done quite a lot of lessons over about the last 5 years and sometimes lessons repeat themselves.

    It is windy here now too in England. Wimbledon is on television and Jimmy Conners is commentating selling the virtues of strain, effort and going through the pain barrier in order to win. Seemed to work for him he was a great tennis player. He doesn’t seem to good now though his head, neck shoulders and chest look all squashed up into one big lump. He should try this lesson.

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