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  1. Wow, what a great lesson! That piston-y feeling of the knees seems sort of like rowing a rowboat in a really tight circle to me. You can’t really move the oars sideways, but you can move them up and down in opposition. Thanks!

  2. i encountered numerous versions of the pelvic clock and all of them had some speciallty in them which made the use and funkton of the pelvis clearer, but this version stands out in that it sheds a bright light on the intrinsic interation of the food, the feed (with knees) and the pelvis – this locomotion of the feeds in connection to the circling and turning of the pelvis feels so light and beautiful as soon as one gets into the groove – and although the thing with the food may not seem as a huge part of the lesson, i think it is the cherry on top – thanks!!!

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