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Kinesophics was powered by drupal from 2006 until yesterday. It was a long and wild ride, with much hair-pulling. The last problem — probably a security failure from an upgrade I’d put off — was unsolvable for me. So here you see a WordPress version of kinesophics, thanks to the wonderful sql commands shared by Underdog of Perfection, which let me migrate a lot of content. There’s still a lot up in the air, however. I must get the iTunes feed working again, and sort out some of the more complex menus and submenus and content types that I’d had. And I’ll try to migrate you all to a new newsletter plugin.

WordPress is so easy. I woke up happy knowing drupal was out of my life. Drupal is a fine program, for the right people and the right purpose. You can’t fault its impact — what’s the name of the drupal derivative that was so big in community mobilization leading up to Obama’s first victory? — but on a personal level, I have to admit that I forced the relationship long beyond the point where effort outpaced reward!

Some have already written me with observations about what features of the old site they miss the most. Please share that info, by the new contact form or the comments below. It will help guide me as to where to focus in repairing the migration to the new platform.

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  1. Just talking to myself here, but I’m pretty excited by the reorganization/simplification. I have that new “ideas” link in the menu above, which gathers a bunch of brief descriptions of core ideas in the work that were little orphan pages on the old website.

    Still a gazillion broken links. It will be a work in progress for some time.

  2. Lyn, thanks so much for all your work and effort, love any site you do, just live for more lessons and cannot express how much (or how often I visit, haha) I LOVE your lessons, from Melbourne Australia

    1. That’s the best possible news…it’s always a relief not to have to spend hours troubleshooting! Hurrah! Thanks for the notice.

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