January 2010

Hello everyone, and happy new year! (It it’s a new year for you, that is.)

Ron’s taking on the theme of Discovering the Center and the Self this month, starting on Wednesday at the Yoga Loft.

Don’t miss the workshop Sunday, January 10 (1-3 pm) on Breath, Posture, and Voice–Call the Loft at 429-3330 to register. Description here: http://kinesophics.ca/feldenkrais_halifax/breath_posture_and_voice

December’s lessons around the theme “Distributing the work–Finding your healthy spine” are posted here: http://kinesophics.ca/feldenkrais_halifax/distributing_work_finding_your_healthy_spine_december_2009. The series became much more about differentiating and bringing alive the front of the body than our usual “back there” sense of the spine as behind us.


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