How we learn (with) Feldenkrais

In his book Awareness Through Movement, Moshe imagines that a reader, after working through the twelve lessons he presents there, could continue with his or her own daily practice, thinking up new lessons and spending as much time as he or she chooses on them (p. 64).

It is not my experience that people approach their learning in and through Feldenkrais that way. I know that for years I enjoyed coming and lying on the floor, being guided through these beautiful sequences of movements, doing less, feeling more, and most importantly, having no homework.

But I find for myself and for many students these days, there is much more interest in having a “personal practice,” as we say now, influenced by yoga. I’ve been setting up a project I call [[DIY ATM|”Do-It-Yourself ATM”]] designed to create better conditions for the possibility of people doing just that.

If you sign up at [[DIY ATM]], you have access to recorded ATM lessons, and brief discussions of principles and activities to make use of in doing the work. And you can share your experiences and your inventions with others in the process.

Feldenkrais teaches a deep form of basic literacy–the “logic” of the human being in action. We all learn to write for ourselves, in our own handwriting; this does not mean that we do not appreciate those who have cultivated and studied more extensively the art of writing and do it as professionals. Indeed the development of our own capacity to compose strengthens our ability to learn from and to appreciate those who make it a life study in another sense.

Register (it’s free) and try it out.

The project may be interesting to you as well if you are a practitioner; you are welcome to contribute lesson recordings or schema and theme discussions.

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  1. What a great proyect, words like bold, creative, fresh, ,needed and others come to mind. Support like this will really make a difference to those interested in this area. Is great that technology can be used in such a positive manner. Sign me up for sure. I feel as excited
    as I did when I first discovered Feldenkrais. I guess people can learn in different ways and some may do it alone and without needing any support at all. I guess Moshe was at least least offering a rich and strong foundation to those without any other alternative. I myself can work alone these days ( I felt I had no other choice till now )But I need some company,contact,connection with others in my area of interest. The lack of it has hindered me, now I feel thats about to change. This proyect is good Moshe’s work.

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