Protrusions and Bendings

A subtle coordination of the head and spine to support the bending of the leg–it just may put a spring in your step in the middle of winter (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, that is!).

You may want to have a few flat, firm cushions or flat, folded towels for under your head as you lie on the side. Depending on the organization of your spine, shoulders, and neck, you may be able to do it without. If your neck is strained, that’s an extra barrier to feeling the dynamic connection with your pelvis and legs.

Dead Bird

The “dead bird” is a classic lesson. The image refers to the way you hang the arm in front of the face, at eye level or a little lower–with the wrist limp, like a dead bird’s wing. I was listening to Moshe teaching it at Amherst. He says, maybe it’s an intelligent bird’s wing. Not a bird mindlessly using energy or effort to hold the wrist stiff…

Edges of the Feet

We can go our whole lives without realizing there’s some subtle movement of the ankle or use of the sole of our feet that has become a blind spot to us, unavailable. Then we buy orthotics or fuss about the right shoe to push our feet around in certain ways. Try improving your ability with your feet!

Sneak preview: we’ve working on the ankle-neck relationship this week and next.