The “eyes” have it! A Feldenkrais workshop with Lisa Woolnough

Our eyes are vital for more than vision.

The ease with which eyes move greatly enhances the movement of our entire body. The lessons we do will help you see and move better.

Explore, discover and learn!

Lisa Woolnough studied to become a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in Montreal. She completed the four-year professional training programme in 1996 and has been practicing full time since then. Lisa discovered the Feldenkrais Method while searching for a way to ease the chronic pain suffered by her mother after a back injury. Subsequently, Lisa became vision impaired and the kinaesthetic awareness gained from her Feldenkrais work has enabled her to keep on skiing, kayaking and dog walking. She lives and works in Chester Basin Nova Scotia.

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Date: Sunday, June 8, 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Tea and muffins provided.

Cost: $35. Reserve your spot by getting your payment to Lynette (or Lisa) when you see us, by using the paypal button below, or by sending Lynette a cheque (email me for my street address).


Location: The Studio in Creative Crossing, entrance at 5781 Charles Street (just off Agricola, south of North). You enter the door to the left of enVie, and come down the hallway to studio 2 on the left.

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