A new self-help process: personal growth through reverse googling

It’s divination for the modern era.

Get yourself a website, or a blog, and find the function to track the google searches that find you. Treat that like a divination, like a prediction of the future, like a message from the deeper wisdom of the universe about what to do or where to go next.

My results: a few weeks ago there was a flurry of messages for me from the universe, very specific and direct, that Lynette Reid needed (or already has? temporality is not linear in the world of google search divination) muscle memory training.

More than anything else, people care about one leg being stronger, longer, or faster than the other. That’s probably the number one concern of the “universe according to google” that brings people to kinesophics. It’s much more of a going concern than walking on volcanos, although there is an occasional volcano enthusiast out there.

What message is there for me in this? Is this the wisdom of crowds, or the mania of crowds?

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  1. There is one message that reverse googling delivers as consistently as the one about leg-length concerns: it pays to associate with fame. Of course there is Moshe himself, whose eponymous Method leads people here; apart from that, a large number come looking for the Montreal dance troupe Lalala Human Steps, and a respectable showing are looking for Feldenkrais trainers I mention on the site (Walterspiel, Joly, Rosenholtz, Goldfarb).

    So let’s see… I need to write a posting that is a comparative study of different Feldenkrais trainers’ attitudes to the management of leg length differences in contemporary dance troupes…

    Or is google telling me I already have that topic covered and it’s time to move on?

    That’s the problem with divination, as the existentialists pointed out: I still have to decide what it’s telling me!

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