Distributing the work: finding your healthy spine – December 2009

Do you have a “problem spot” in your back or neck? Both under-using and over-using various parts of yourself can result in the perception of a problem in a given location. Using clever and subtle techniques, we can make small adjustments in our habitual patterns of over- and under-use, with the potential to offer significant release of old aches and pains. In this month’s series of Feldenkrais lessons, you’ll become acquainted with vertebrae you didn’t know you have, and learn to perceive your spine in 360 degrees.

  1. AY 177: Making the Spine Flexible and Integrating It
  2. AY 217: On the side, the sternum becoming flexible
  3. AY 218: On the side, bending and twisting the chest and spine
  4. AY 85: Tilting the ear to the shoulder